Kibbutz Sa'ad

Kibbutz Sa'ad was founded on June 30th, 1947 as the first kibbutz belonging to the Bnei Akiva movement, and as part of the Religious Kibbutz Organization. Kibbutz Sa'ad is located in the Northern Negev region, about 20 minutes southwest of Ashkelon.

During the 1948 War of Independence, the area where the Sa'ad pioneers had set up their new kibbutz outpost was almost entirely destroyed by enemy attack (see Ma'oz Mul Aza); Stronghold at Gaza). Following the war, the kibbutz founders began their cultivation of the land, and over the following sixty years, the well-based, beautiful community of Kibbutz Sa'ad made its place on Israel's map. Kibbutz Sa'ad's multigenerational population generates its income from agriculture and industry. Sa'ad members enjoy a rich religious, social, and cultural life.

The Kibbutz Sa'ad community of the year 2012 is made up of 200 families, with a population of about 700. Members and residents are employed according to their occupation and career choice, either within the kibbutz structure or outside it.

Sa'ad's members live according to many ideals and values, with an emphasis on contribution to Israel society as a whole. The kibbutz runs and participates in several unique educational frameworks such as Youth Education, a school and dormitory framework for teenagers girls from broken homes; Foster Family, for grade school children; Tzabar group, for young non-israeli men and women serving in the Israeli Army.

Kibbutz Sa'ad has a regional religious elementary school for grades 1 through 9 under the auspices of Israel's Ministry of Education. Kibbutz Sa'ad, Kibbutz Alumim, and Moshav Tequma cooperate in running the Da'at School for their children. Pupils from area towns are also eligible for acceptance.

Sa'ad's crops include carrots, potatoes, avocados, citrus fruit, and more. Sa'ad has a large dairy farm and a poultry farm. There is also Saad-Assaf Nurseries a flowers bulb nursery.

Sa'ad's industries include Syfan, a plant that manufactures plastic shrink film for packaging, and Popli, which supply popcorn products and pet food.

Kibbutz Sa'ad also has Ahinoam Jewlry where are created handmade jewelry in sterling silver, and an auto service center.

One of Sa'ad's newest establishments open to the public is Beit Shikma, a beautiful convalescent and geriatric home where patients receive round-the-clock care.

Sa'ad's Catering Kitchen caters Bar-Mitzvahs, weddings, and other affairs, and also serves tour groups by advance reservation. Tour groups at Sa'ad are able to visit our Therapeutic Petting Zoo, as well as our world- renowned cactus garden.

קיבוץ סעד - ד.נ הנגב מיקוד 85140 - טלפון 08-6800111