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June 2000

A Touch of Torah - Websites to Teach & Learn

A selection of websites indexed by category for specialized online resources

A. Courses with Resources

1. The Pedagogic Center

Daily Mishnah

Weekly Parsha

Festivals - programming

JUICE - Online Talmud Course, others

DataJEM annotated dbase of educational resources


2. Bar Ilan Virtual University

6 online Judaica courses for academic credit, with online demo.

Also see: The Lookstein Center for educational and teacher resources.

  1. Hebrew College - Center for Information Technology
  2. Graduate and undergraduate courses for credit, by semester.

    Also Boston Meah non-credit courses online on url

  3. Hebrew Union College -

Online courses are not linked on the website but advertised through Jewish Education lists such as InterJED (Shamash webserver). Write in through the Feedback form.

  1. JTSA -
  2. Online Melton courses,

    Articles, Parsha,


    B. Focused Resources

  3. Chabad -
  4. There are numerous content websites for Chabad; this is the main webserver.

  5. Jewish Gates -

Jewish Practice;

Torah, Talmud commentaries online archived by week/topic, Ramban.

8. Halacha Brura Institute -

Rav Kook and his Talmudic works continued.

  1. Ohr Somayach Interactive -
  2. Articles, dafyomi, Jewish thought

  3. Orthodox Union -
  4. Articles, Parsha


    Kashrut, Holidays

    Judaism 101- see JewFAQ

  5. Virtual Bet Midrash, Yeshivat Har Etzion -

Articles, Archives

Parsha Lists

C. Hebrew Source Texts & Dbases

  1. Ellie's Torah Trope Tutor -
  2. Learn to read the ta'amim online with real audio.

  3. Gemara online with Rashi embedded

    Site only partial.

  5. Online Mishnah -
  6. Structured Mishnah texts in html

  7. Navigating the Bible -
  8. Ort's online tutor for learning to chant the weekly Sedra [Parsha] and

    Haftarah. Available in English, Russian, Spanish.

  9. Rambam Resources -
  10. Texts and links to works and analysis online

  11. Snunit, Hebrew University of Jerusalem -
  12. Major Resource! Full, online, searchable database of Kodesh, need ActiveX Hebrew Web Fonts to input Hebrew searches

  13. Webshas -
  14. Online Talmud learning and major searchable database, part of the Aishdas website. Helpful subject categories.

    D. Questions & FAQs

  15. Social-Cultural Judaism: Bibliography and FAQ

  17. Basic Judaism FAQ
  18. JewFAQ

  19. Online Batei Din or Rabbinates

The Batei Din, Legal and Rabbinate websites are largely in the US:

Jerusalem World Center for Halacha:

The UK Chief Rabbinate has a website:

22. Ask a Rabbi : JewishCom

Use the index of links.

E. Parsha, Torah, Study Indexes & Links

  1. About Com -
  2. Original overview articles,

    well-categorized links on many topics

  3. Maven Index - Judaism & Jewish Learning

  6. Parshat Hashavua E-lists

  8. Torah Study: Best Links to Sites